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Couples Therapy in Perth

Underlying reasons for couples to go into therapy

When couples react defensively, they warrant a defensive reaction in their partner. They easily become locked into stuck positions, unable to hear each other, so the issues remain intact. Couples Therapy allows partners to see what underlies their partner’s reactions so couples can break free from defensive patterns of communication. Therapy provides a safe therapeutic encounter to enable couples to raise all kinds of issues or concerns, while understand what is underneath their responses. As they reconnect with their partner, and can begin to attune to each other and feel safe to raise all kinds of issues.

By reprocessing underlying feelings, couples develop a stronger foundation for their relationship. Marital counselling offers spouses the opportunity to see themselves and each other more clearly, become free from misinterpretation and misunderstanding. Relationship counselling allows couples  to understand where each partner’s behaviour came from. Often what is behind explosive anger is longing or fears of rejection, which gets ignored because couples feel vulnerable getting in touch with them.

When partners remain trapped in defensive behavior, it can indicate that something is wrong. Red flags can be show as criticism, avoidance, withdrawal, avoiding conflict, going along with the other by giving up oneself, not participating, outbursts, affairs  and so on.

If these problems occur, it is time to explore couples therapy at Counselling in Perth.

What you can expect from couples therapyCouple Therapy Perth

With couples therapy, couples learn how to look at themselves, not focus on their partner for change, as they learn effective communication skills. By focusing on their partner, they avoid their own emotional experiences and not get in touch with what actually happens for them.

Partners do not always see how they play a part in their relationship, since we all filters that  shape how we see ourselves and the impact we have on others.  If each partner avoids their own problems and focuses on their partners, they avoid changing their own part.

In therapy for couples, couples begin to see the  part they replay in their relationship

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