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Why is it hard to leave an abusive relationship with a narcissist?

Posted On: 7/02/17 12:23 AM

Why is it hard to end a relationship with an abusive Narcissist? How can a relationship begin so well and end so badly? Why do so many get lured into a toxic relationship and cannot break away? Narcissists usually idealise their partner in the beginning of a relationship, when they are feeling special and admired and […]

Recapture the love and connection in your relationship

Posted On: 25/01/17 3:13 AM

Rediscover the love in your relationship. Are you feeling unloved, rejected, or alone in your relationship? Are you or your partner slowly distancing in the relationship? Do you or your partner not know how to express your feelings, end up saying the wrong thing, or end up being misunderstood in what you’re trying to say? […]

How to overcome feeling depressed?

Posted On: 18/01/17 1:15 AM

How to overcome feeling depressed: There are many ways to treat depression, including antidepressant medication. However, many will say they feel depressed again after they stop taking antidepressants. Why do depression symptoms persist? In fact, it’s the ways that individuals avoid their feelings and avoid facing life that make them depressed. So, waiting passively for […]

How our past relationships shape our marriage

Posted On: 16/01/17 4:55 PM

How our past childhood relationships can shape our marriage. Let’s look at how early childhood patterns shape how we feel and relate to our partner in the marriage. Individuals who feel bad have ‘taken in’ that they are ‘not good enough, from their earliest childhood experiences. Situations of neglect or emotional deprivation  often leave individuals […]

 How do Borderlines perpetuate abandonment in relationships?

Posted On: 14/01/17 8:28 PM

How do those who suffer a Borderline Personality Disorder perpetuate abandonment in relationships? Borderline disorder individuals exhaust and burn out relationships, until others give up and abandon them. They feel uncared for and mistreated as victims. First let begin with how the Borderline syndrome came about.  How can a mother, who cares too much, co-create a borderline dynamic […]

How to change negative thinking patterns and self doubt?

Posted On: 12/01/17 1:45 AM

How to stop thinking negatively? Overcome misinterpreting things the wrong way, that lead to low self worth. Change distorted  thoughts and feelings, here. Find out how to stop emotionally beating yourself up or how to stop self-loathing. Thinking errors that leads to low self-worth Do you see the glass half empty instead of half full? Do […]

Overcoming Stuck Patterns in Relationships

Posted On: 7/01/17 12:42 AM

Overcoming Stuck Patterns in Relationships Overcome relationship patterns that trap you. As a counsellor for relationship issues, I have seen a number of stuck relationship patterns, that lead to a dead end, causing the relationship to go nowhere. What stuck behavior describes you?  What’s your relationship style? Common Relationship Traps Being all things to everyone but […]

How to solve relationship problems?

Posted On: 5/01/17 5:04 PM

How to fix your relationship? In order to fix your relationship, it is important to understand the part you play in your relationship and take responsibility for that. What’s your relationship style? As a counsellor for relationship issues, I have seen a number of stuck relationship patterns, that lead to a dead end, causing the […]

How To Prevent Marriage Ending In Divorce

Posted On: 18/12/16 11:53 PM

What causes marriage to end in divorce? Many spouses ignore the signs that cause marriage to end in divorce.  The main reason for relationships to end in divorce is that couples do not know how to raise issues and resolve them. Instead, it ends up becoming a negative interaction that causes them to hurt each other, until […]

Passive Aggressive Behavior in Relationships

Posted On: 10/12/16 2:22 AM

Is your relationship controlled by passive aggressive behavior? Does your spouse say they will do something to please you, but actually behave in an opposite manner? Passive aggressive individuals often ignore how they feel, to make others happy and then show their real feelings by not following through with what they said they would do. Passive aggressive individuals sacrifice their own needs,  so their needs […]