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As a Masterson trained psychotherapist, Nancy Carbone assists to repair the ‘real self,’ whereby improving all aspects of ones life. A stronger sence of self  strengthens all areas of ones life, fosters self activation and fulfilment of life pursuits, providing a real sence of meaning or purpose. The false self is obtained by things that take the individual away from the self and keep the self from reaching its real potential. The false self is about masking the empty void by  using addictions, superficially obtaining beauty or money, all used as way to escape the real underlying feelings. It is the attainment of the real self, that real inner peace is acquired.

Nancy eliminates defensive behaviours , so  that the individual can see what is really going on for them and work towards fixing these areas in ones life, so they can cope better in life  and deal with  all kinds of situations, by having a stronger belief within in themselves.

Re-sculpting the ways couples see each other

Nancy has a special interest in object Relations, which combines psychoanalytic principles, aspects of attachment theory and systems theory.  Nancy combines object relations and emotional focused couple therapy to assist couples to relate better. She attended international training of couple therapy experts in the areas of Object Relations and Emotional Focused Couple Therapy. In her work, she is astonished at how partners can modify the ways they interact with each other by adopting new perspectives, instead of seeing each other through their earlier imprints. By applying psychoanalytic and systemic principles, Nancy  can see how our earlier templates for relationships seem to shape the ways we respond to our partner, distorting how one perceives them and causing individuals to relive their past attachments experiences. As a couple counselor, Nancy disrupts these projected dynamics which can distort how they relate towards others, so partners can see each other from a fresh perspective. She assists partners to more accurately attune to each others vulnerable emotional needs, rather than responding to the defensive behaviours that keeps the stuckness intact.

Parent-child attachment relationships

Nancy has recently completed an intensive 10 day training with American Object Relations therapist Glen Cooper, Circle of Security.  Nancy attended international training by Alan Schore, and was interested at how unresolved aspects of the parents ‘state of mind’, can become transferred to the relationship with the child. Through the process of psychotherapy, many clients of Nancy have uncovered that the difficult encounters with their child are also the areas that became stuck for them as a child. Nancy has found that if these earlier attachment experiences are not processed, they may be acted out with their children, outside of their awareness. Nancy has found that understanding what their child evokes in them,  can assist work through their own experiences, while they also improve the relationship with their child.

Nancy Carbone
Counsellor and Psychotherapist

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