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Counselling & Psychotherapy for Individuals & Couples

Nancy has over 16 years counselling experience  working with individuals and couples, in the areas of relationship difficulties, trauma and abuse,  addictions, depression, anxiety and anger .  She has provided counselling to adults, couples, children, adolescence, parents and families  in a variety of organisations and private practice.

Professional Training in Counselling & Psychotherapy

Most recently, Nancy  trained for  three years internationally,  at the Masterson Institute in New York, where she undertaken a further two years faculty training, originating from Dr James Masterson.  Nancy has aso successfully achieved a Masters qualification in Counselling and Psychotherapy, specalized in Couple and Family Therapy. She has a Bachelor of Arts, majored in Psychology.  Nancy is accredited as a mental health social worker and her clients can receive the Medicare rebate from Medicare.

Nancy has conducted supervision to counsellors and provided training to clinical psychologists in the areas of disorders of self and trained those from many organisations. Nancy also enjoys writing blogs on mental health related topics.

Therapeutic approach – The Masterson approach  is an object relations, self psychology and attachment  based approach that works with strengthening the real self to grow, so it does not remain impaired or stuck, by overcoming the defensive behaviours which keep the self from moving forward. Masterson psychoanalytic  psychotherapy provides treatments for disorders of self. Nancy is also specialised in counselling  Narcissistic personality disorder individuals, those with Borderline personality disorders and Schizoid disorders of the self. She has further attended international training  from the Personality Disorder Institute from New York with Otto Kernberg in Transference Focused Therapy (TFT), in contemporary Psychoanalytic approaches ( Object Relations – interpersonal relationships). TFT   focuses on how personality disorders are  caused by a fragmented sence of self, causing impairment is self functioning, leading to difficulties and instability  in work, relationships, love and so forth.  She has also  previously attended international training  workshops from Alan Schore and the Scharffs in attachment and psychodynamic approaches to therapy.

Being a member of the Psychotherapist & and Counsellors Association of Western Australia (PACAWA) and the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW), her work has met the professional standards of psychotherapist and counsellors. Nancy attends supervision of all her client work on a weekly  basis to ensure the highest quality of professionalism and accountability to her clients.

Nancy Carbone

Counsellor and Psychotherapist

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