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Counselling in Perth

Masterson Counsellor and Psychotherapist

The principle counsellor and psychotherapist is Nancy Carbone, who  works with areas that impact self functioning, using the Masterson Psychoanalytic approach.   Nancy uncovers underlying aspects of repetitive patterns and self-defeating behaviours, which gets in the way of reaching life potentials. The Masterson therapeutic approach works with impairments in self capacity, stemming from individuals using defensive patterns in order to escape unresolved emotional pain.

Counselling the Empty Self

Individuals with an impaired sense of self are not equipped  or strong enough to handle further emotional disturbances encountered from work, relationship and so on. So the self seeks to discharge feelings, using defensive ways to cope. These avoidance behaviours further diminishes the self’s capacity to function and cope with life, work and relationships.  The self remains depleted, by  not being able to invest in real self pursuits  that creates a self enriched lifestyle, from satisfying relationships and fulfilment at work. So the individual  substitutes a lack of satisfaction in the self by living a life  based on seeking pleasure or distractions, to fill the empty void. So they live a  life based on beauty, sexual promiscuity, material possessions or even travel to escape the inner emptiness.

When the real impaired self remains weak, from evacuating feelings in order to cope, the individual engages in self defeating behaviours which gets in the way of relationships.  Many resort to addictions, infidelity issues, have anger outbursts, resulting in relationship difficulties and breakdown in marriages.

At Counselling in Perth, the individual may uncover how current difficulties  triggers earlier painful experiences, which have been kept at bay for safe keeping. Nancy has observed that the repression of these unwanted feelings can cause depression, since it takes a lot of intra-psychic effort to push down feelings, that can weigh the person down further. Often these past unresolved feelings get repeated and re-enacted, re-occurring in our relationships, until the emotions are resolved and worked through in therapy

As a therapist at Counselling in Perth, Nancy gets the resistance  out of the way, so these feelings are accessible to be worked through in therapy.  By gently containing emotional distress,  feelings become manageable within. Nancy’s gentle therapuetic approach provides the individual and couple with emotional holding and psychological containment, while re-processing painful emotional experiences, so that it becomes manageable for them. By re-organising the client’s emotional experiences, the individual becomes free from defensive patterns that become stuck,  which can end up taking over the individual. When feelings are managed within, the individual has more ego strength or capacity to deal with stressful events, relationships, work and conflict. Therapy enhances the self’s capacity to deal with life, to foster a self enhanced lifestyle. So the individual enjoys the real satisfactions that come from real fulfilment from healthy relationships, work and investing in themselves.

 Masterson Counselling in Perth

As well as understanding how ones past influence the present, As a counsellor, Nancy works with the ‘here and now’ experiences of the individual. Nancy has observed that it is  through the relationship with the therapist that change begins to happen. These changes are then transferred to areas outside of the therapeutic encounter, as the client begins to internalise a new relational experience.

Masteson psychanalytic psychotherapy  treats disorders of self. Nancy is also specialised in working with  Narcissistic personality disorder individuals, those with Borderline personality disorders and Schizoid disorders of the self.

Nancy Carbone
Counsellor and Psychotherapist

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