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Approach to Therapy

Counselling in Perth

The principle counsellor and psychotherapist is Nancy Carbone. As a Masterson trained psychotherapist, Nancy works on rebuilding the impaired self. By managing underlying emotions and removing defensive layers,  she overcomes areas of  stuckness, which prevents the ‘self’ to grow and develop. Once the real self is functioning well, the individual can live a self-fulfilling lifestyle, with stability in work, love, friendships and more.

There are many ways that individuals overlook what is going on inside or  avoid facing the reality of their lives, by seeking pleasure or comfort  (sex, addictions, food, shopping) so they feel good, to keep feelings at bay. These behaviours keep us from seeing what is really going on, and can keep the issues intact. Yet, many of these acting out behaviours can often become another problem to be dealt with and can destroy ones life and their relationships, if the underlying areas they’re avoiding remain shut off from their awareness.

As a therapist, Nancy uncovers underlying aspects of repetitive patterns and self-defeating behaviours, which gets in the way of reaching life potentials. Destructive or defensive behaviours  are there to ward  off pain, so the behaviour will not go away unless the underlying material is worked through in therapy. Through the process of  long term counselling and psychotherapy, the individual uncovers how current difficulties may  originate from earlier painful experiences, which have been kept at bay for safe keeping. Nancy has observed that the repression of these unwanted feelings can cause depression. It was originally Freud who formulated the concept, that what ever  painful material is forgotten, repressed or disowned, becomes repeated and continues to be acted out in later life.  Nancy’s therapeutic approach works through unwanted emotional material, as it comes up, so that it no longer repeats itself, so the individual can move forward from these internal obsticals that become self- perpetuated throughout life.


Counselling and psychotherapy improves ways to cope with life

Nancy’s gentle humanistic and psychodynamic approach provides the individual and couple with emotional holding and psychological containment, while re-processing painful emotional experiences, so that it becomes manageable for them. By re-organising the client’s emotional experiences, the individual becomes free from defensive patterns that become stuck, rigid and self-perpetuating cycles, which can end up taking over the individual. By better managing emotional material, the self can be strengthened to cope and grow. So one can achieve life pursuits and not let internal barriers or defensive patterns get in the way of living  their real lives.

As well as understanding how ones past influence the present, Nancy’s counselling service works with the ‘here and now’ experiences of the individual. It is often through the relationship with the therapist that change begins to happen. These changes are then transferred to areas outside of the therapeutic encounter, as the client begins to internalise a new relational experience.

Nancy Carbone
Counsellor and Psychotherapist

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