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Relationship Counselling in Perth

Relationship counselling can help you rebuild yourself and build a stronger foundation for your relationship

At Counselling in Perth, many individuals seek counselling when they notice similar relationship behaviours. They ask themselves why they end up in abusive relationships,  have difficulties with being alone or being disappointed in relationships. In relationship counselling, many begin to see the part they play in relationships.

When emotional pain remains unresolved, from our earliest relationships, it becomes re-created with our partners, until the emotions are resolved with therapy for relationships. In the course of psychotherapy, individuals who shut out their hurt or pain previously, ended up re-experiencing it in some way in their adult encounters. These disavowed feelings, do not go away. They remain dormant and become internalised into our psychic make up. Defensive coping behaviours occur as an attempt to rid oneself of these feelings or putting them on to our partners.

Counselling in Perth’s therapy for relationship difficulties can assist individuals to rebuild the ‘self’, so that the individual can handle unwanted emotional states, allowing the ‘self’ to be more cohesive, stable and integrated.

Relationship counselling helps to identify and resolve underlying issuesRelationship counselling Perth

Providing relationship counselling in Perth, Nancy knows that avoiding underlying feelings, the ‘self ‘ stays impaired and does not grow. An impaired sense of self has a draining impact on the marriage bond and causes many relationships to breakdown. On the other hand, a cohesive self means that each partner does not take emotionally from the other, instead, partners can enhance each other’s sense of self, for a healthy relationship to emerge. As a relationship counsellor in Perth, Nancy also assists with communication methods to de-escalate the conflict in couples therapy, when joint issues are pre-dominate.

Relationship therapy promotes the self to develop, by attending to one’s own needs and not giving them up, addressing issues that concern them and not relying on others to take responsibility for them or take care of them.  When one can meet their own needs by attending to themselves, they can be offer what the relationship  requires, in order to form a strong foundation in their relationship.

Counselling for relationships promotes intimacy

In Perth relationship counselling, individuals learn how to overcome self-defeating and destructive relationship patterns. The most harmful behaviour in relationships is the result of discharging unwanted feelings out and projecting these intolerable feelings onto others, who become affected by them. These feelings are so terrifying that they lose grip of seeing themselves and others, when they ward off these feelings. Yet, many do not see the impact of their reactions and the harm it causes, by not sorting out these feelings.

Many are afraid of intimacy with mistrust and jealousy due to fears of abandonment and feeling unlovable. They relive the feeling of never getting their needs met, being alone, which can feel safer than risk getting hurt.  These feelings, often, belong to the past, become forgotten and unconsciously become awaken, as they distort how see our partner and relate to them.

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