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Anxiety Counselling in Perthanxiety counselling perth

Anxiety therapy can set you on the path towards living life fully and freely

At Counselling in Perth, Nancy has identified that anxiety can be a source of many difficulties including:

  • Feelings of distress, unease, uncertainty and worry excessively
  • Obsessive or intrusive thoughts, fearful about things for no real reason.
  • Interpret events negatively without realising it
  • Catastrophize about problems, making them out to be worse than they seem
  • Attributing blame towards oneself for events, with no evidence for this
  • Avoid social situations or events where they have to perform
  • Suspicious or paranoid about things that are not there
  • Life can be stressful to live with these preoccupations, which can weigh you down and become debilitating

Sometimes anxiety is underpinned by underlying core beliefs of inadequacy and in order to avoid these feelings, maladaptive behaviours are developed to avoid anxiety provoking situations, which can result in the development of further problems.

Some escape anxious thoughts with an affair or drug or alcohol abuse, some end up shutting down and collapsing and avoiding life. Many try to find ways to avoid situations to escape worries, and the ways individuals cope to eliminate anxiousness can actually end up increasing anxiety rather than contributing positively to it.

Benefits of Anxiety Counselling Services

Anxiety counselling, enables individuals to get in touch with what they are trying to avoid within them, while work through emotional areas that are stuck, that become continually re-triggered by certain situations.

For example, couples counselling can assist couples to deal with anxiety provoking issues, instead of avoiding conflict in relationships, because the anxious fear becomes extinguished. As a result, by making it safer for them to face their fears of conflict, the more they can deal with distress. As a result couples can function more effectively and address issues that cause relationship breakdown.

Free yourself from the crippling grips of anxiety with anxiety counselling services

Anxiety Counselling in Perth

Individuals learn to modify how they perceive themselves or situations that triggered them. Instead of feeling like a ‘failure’, they can see the situation for what it is. They also restructure their thoughts and not worry about events, overcoming uncertainty. As many resolve restlessness they can embark on change.

Anxious thoughts and feelings can be disproportionate to the reality of the situation, distorting how they see themselves. Overcoming anxious pre-occupations allows them to explore more aspects of themselves and develop areas that were previously held back. Many take on career pursuits and challenges which they never imagined.


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