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Anger Management Counselling in Perth

Save your relationships with anger management counselling

Many attend anger management counselling when reacting in the heat of the moment. Many feel they are simply defending themselves when someone else has push their buttons.  Many do not see how their explosive reactions impact on others, until it destroys their relationships or impacts their life.

Anger can be a defensive response, to mask underlying hurt or feelings, such as jealousy or feelings of being not good enough. One can appear aggressive or controlling, pushing love ones away, by avoiding the vulnerable feelings underneath. To manage anger, it is more effective to work through the underlying feelings, rather than discharge anger on those around you by pushing others away.  Counselling in Perth’s anger management  allows you to manage underlying feelings that underpin angry reactions.anger management perth

Therapy manages feelings in a way that allows individuals to not feel so furious. Anger management counselling allows you to obtain strategies for anger management, on how to express anger assertively. Anger management allows you to move past self-destructive behaviours and overcome relationship breakdown issues.  Anger management helps avoid expressing your anger in the heat of the moment, but rather when the feelings are digested and better managed.

Anger Management and Couples Counselling

Many couples who don’t express  anger assertively can passively act out their anger, such as, distancing from the relationship, being silent, or acting out revenge. Addictions, Infidelity and Affairs are commonly seen as acts of aggression which reflect unmet needs. The risk occurs when partners give up themselves in relationships to please the other, causing them to become angry or resentful when their needs are not met.

Nancy offers relationship counselling services for those who notice re-occurring  patterns in relationships and offers therapy for couples to assist dismantle defensive patterns of interaction.  Nancy has found that slowing down and processing what underlies their reactions allows couples to become calmer and listen each other more effectively. Marital or marriage counselling assist couples to express themselves more effectively and attune to each partners feelings.

Abusive in relationships

In extreme cases, people feel relieved of their suffering by doing things to hurt others, often defeating partners or devaluing them so they do not feel injured.These individuals feel better when they hurt others, since it rids them of their own pain, causing harm to others. Jealousy or envy can manifest, so they seek to rid themselves of these feeling,  by seting out to attack, destroy or devalue others, so they feel better. Often, many abuse survivors seek therapy to get past their damage caused by them, so they can move forward and rebuild their own life.

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