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Individual Therapy and Psychotherapy

Those who embark on individual therapy often feel that their problems are caused by others, feeling helpless to change their life. So they run away or move on from difficult situations, rather than know how to deal with them.  May move countries, change jobs or move onto new partners, to start over, again. The reality is, that the your problems often re-occur, until you work on them.

According to James Masterson (1988) many individuals who have an impaired self do not take responsibility for their problems, avoid dealing with them by being passive to face situations and deny the impact that they can cause in their life. Many avoid how they really feel (real self) but responds by defending against unwanted emotions and avoid facing reality (false self). When they hide, the ‘self’ remains impaired and unable to manage feelings, using defensive coping mechanisms, that causes  them to further escape reality, instead of deal with life.

Perth Counselor for promoting the real self

As a Perth counselor, Nancy Carbone utilizes the Masterson treatment approach, that helps the real self to emerge, so it can  cope with life and can modify stuck patterns of behavior. Individual therapy allows those to activate their real self, promote stability in work and relationships. Individuals can see themselves and others more accurately, while feel more cohesive in themselves and foster a stronger foundation for their relationships.

As a Masterson trained psychotherapist, Nancy is specialised in rebuilding the impaired self in order to become strong enough to better manage life difficulties. By Developing the self, one an move forward from being stuck.

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