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Premarriage Counselling improves relationships

Pre Marriage Counselling

Pre marriage counselling in Perth can assist couples to tune into themselves and their relationship, before they become overwhelmed with Wedding plans. As a marriage counsellor, it is important to ensure the relationship is in a healthy state before getting married and having children. Pre marriage couples counseling allows couples put their relationship to the test, to ensure they are making the right decision, while both partners work on areas that could become sticking points at later stages when they’re married..

Pre-marriage counselling Services.

Nancy provides premarriage counselling in Perth to couples before they move into the stage of getting married, so that both partners can transition into the next stage of the couplehoods journey together. If issues do not become resolved, they can become stuck at this critical stage of the spousal cycle.  Sometimes couples cannot resolve issues because they cannot deal with conflict, so they avoid expressing what is important to them. As a counsellor, premarriage advice provides the impartial and neutral  holding environment for couples to express issues.

Premarital Couples Counselling  in Perth.

Many issues often arise when one partner is ready to get married  before the other. Pre marital couples counselling can work through these kind of issues, so they do not get in the way. How couples manage to resolve these kinds of issues becomes important in establishing a healthy relationship. I hear many spouses say they felt they had to get married otherwise their partner would have left. Some spouses say they went along with their partner to keep the peace, so they got married. These responses often lead to an unhappy marriage arrangement. Pre martial consultancy  assists couples to self-activate and express their real needs and concerns, so they be successfully heard and negotiated.  If one partner feels they gave up their self, for the sake of saving the relationship, by agreeing to things they were not ready for, the relationship could suffer in the long term. I see many of these situations as a marriage counsellor in Perth. Pre marriage education assists to resolve issues before they  enter a binding marriage union.


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