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Communication Breakdown in relationships

What are the barriers to communication in relationships?

Communication breakdown happens when individuals are afraid to directly express their feelings and needs,  to avoid not be heard or having conflict. Other times they assume their partner knows what they feel or need, rather then express them. As a result their spouse does not understand what they feel or what they need in the relationship.  In turn, the responding partner may feel they are projected  out to be someone they are not, or accused of things which they didn’t intent to do.

Breakdown in how couples communicate often leads to unexpressed  needs to be acted out,  such as  getting ones needs met by having an affair, instead of confronting the issues in their relationship. Therefore, the unexpressed feelings become an issue if it is not addressed. These partners do not express their vulnerable needs for each other,  but show a rather aloof and thick exterior, that masks the longing that may be underneath. So they look shut down. Sometimes it is safer to connect with a stranger,  who has no involvement with you, then risk getting close to your partner, when one fears rejection.  Sometimes expressing hurt feelings,  when angry, get’s perceived as attacking, so their hurt feelings do not get responded to the way one would like. Partners  get their back up when the other becomes defensive, misattuning to their partners feelings . So it becomes destructive to talk about feelings. Many talk about their hurts with someone else, who is not involved, rathe than raise the issue with the spouse who hurt’s them. One can not resolve relationship difficulties if they confide in an emotional affair to be consoled. Affairs or infidelity  offer a  temporary relief to the problem, without addressing them. Without marriage counselling these dynamics can be repeated if not sorted out.

Couples therapy prevents relationships from breaking down in communicating

Communication Breakdown

Prevent relationships from breaking down, with Couple therapy that de-escalates couples conflict. So couples can gradually explore their underlying feelings, in order to attune to each other’s emotional needs and read one another clearly.  Couple counselling re-shapes and modifies how couples relate, by creating a new set of responses, with providing an atmosphere of safety for them expressing themselves. By removing the defensive reactions and expressing underlying feelings,  couples begin to see each other in new ways and  resolve communication breakdown.  The relationship becomes a safe haven to return to, so they can then begin to resolve all sorts of issues and overcome  breakdown in communication.

Couples Counselling Services in Perth

Counselling services provide couples with a stronger foundation to share their felt experiences; while dealing with areas of stuckness,  which results in  breakdown issues in communication. Nancy enables couples to become attuned to each other’s actual needs. Couples can then develop new ways of relating. Couples discover their underlying needs for connection, while emphatically responding to each other, using the ‘here and now’ interactions of the couple session. These new responses reshape new bonding events  so the relationship feels more secure for them to open up with each other and become more intimate.

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