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Couples Counselling Services in PerthCouples Counselling in Perth

Expectations for couples counselling services.

Nancy Carbone at  Counselling in Perth provides guidance for couples who cannot resolve conflict, avoid  issues, are unable to repair relationship ruptures, while  manage de-escalate distress.

Couples counselling in Perth allows spouses to understand the part that they each contribute towards their problems, while rebuild a stronger foundation for their relationship. Couples counselling enables couples  to see each other in new ways, by connecting with the feelings behind their partner’s reactions.

Couple counselling is designed to dismantle negative patterns of interaction that keeps them stuck. Partners can then see each other from new perspectives, while respond in a more attuned way to each other’s actual needs, strengthening the connection and intimacy of the couple.

Expectations for the first counselling session:

  • Couples therapy does not allow partners to blame each other by finding fault in the other, overcoming defensive cycles.
  • Couples will be encouraged to express their own experience within the relationship.
  • A safe therapeutic atmosphere is created so each partner has enough space to be heard.
  • Couples can get in touch with the feelings that underlie their reactions, within the safe parameter’s of the therapeutic frame.
  • Defensive reactions are eliminated, so that underlying feelings can emerge, while containing underlying hurt so that one becomes better understood.
  • Couples slow down from reacting and listen to what is really going on for each other, without defending.
  • Couples get in touch feelings, so they can express themselves in  a way that encourages their spouse to listen, rather than react.
  • By dismantling the defensive patterns (interrupting this process),  creates new patterns of interaction, so that new ways of relating are eventually achieved.

After the first couple counselling session together,  each partner will be invited to an individual session in order to understand the underlying areas that are impacted for each partner. After this initial assessment process, it will become clear how to work with the couple dynamic and the areas that affect each partner.  It is important to obtain enough couples sessions in order to work through areas of stuckness within the relationship.

In order to interrupt these defensive patterns and form new ways of relating, a minimum of 6 to 10 sessions are usually required in order to begin this process. Changing these maladaptive patterns with healthier responses can occur with more long term therapeutic  work, for real gains to be achieved.

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