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Couples Counselling Services in PerthCouples Counselling in Perth

What can you expect from couples counselling services.

Couples counselling is designed to dismantle defensive relationship patterns that create areas of stuckness. Partners can see each other through a softer lens, while relating in a more attuned way to each others needs, increasing moments of connection and intimacy

Counselling in Perth assists couples who have difficulties resolving conflict, avoid raising issues, are stuck on an issue,  or need assistance to deal with an affair or issues of mistrust, anger issues,  and learning to overcome destructive relationship patterns.

Couples counselling in Perth allows each partner to address the part that they play in the marriage, which contributes towards the couple dynamic, whilst assisting them to rebuild the security of the relationship. When couples remove their defensive behavior, they can feel overwhelmed with the underlying emotions, so they need the containment and holding of a therapist to manage them, and process them in a way that builds a deeper understanding for each other. In  couples therapy, partners are able to see each other more clearly, by understanding what underpins their partner’s behavior. Rather than reacting to each others behavior,  they can respond to each others underlying feelings.

What couples can expect from the first counselling session:

  • Counseling for couples doesn’t permit blaming, judging, or labelling each other.
  • Therapy is not about finding fault in each other or criticizing each other;  these behaviors escalate the defensive interaction that keep them stuck and injured.
  • You will be encouraged to express your feelings about your experience in the relationship, rather than focus on the other.
  • Each partner will have time to be heard without interruption from the other.
  • Partners are facilitated to express what feelings underlie their reactions, within the safety of the therapeutic environment.
  • Defensive reactions will be removed, to enable a safe therapeutic encounter, while containing uncomfortable emotions underneath.
  • Couples learn to slow down their reactions while listening each other, without instantly jumping in to defend themselves.
  • Instead of reacting to discharge pain, couples learn to get in touch with what they’re’ feeling, so they can express themselves in a calm manner, and can be heard.
  • By dismantling the defensive patterns of interaction, they gradually find  new ways of relating.
  • The therapist will assess how couples get stuck and assist the couple to not repeat these patterns.

After the first couple counseling session together, each partner will attend an individual session. After this initial assessment process, it will be clear how to work with the couple dynamic and the aspects that affect each partner. Then regular co-joint sessions will allow partners enough time to work through areas that cause stagnation in the relationship.

In order to overcome stuck patterns and create new ways of relating, a minimum of six sessions are usually required. Overcoming these stuck behaviors with healthier interactions can be achieved if the couple endure more long term therapeutic couples work.

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