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Counselling Services in Perth

Online Individual Counselling and Couple Therapy

Counselling in Perth offers individual counselling and couples therapy  exclusively on Skype as an online counselling service, which is accessible to accommodate the busy lifestyle of those who do not have time to travel and suit the privacy of their home or office location. We offer extremely affordable rates for online counselling.

Our therapeutic expertise works on resolving emotional difficulties, while changing patterns and self-defeating behaviours.  Therapy allows individuals to have clearer perspectives, overcoming blind spots that can get in the way of dealing with situations.

Psychotherapy works for individuals that feel lost or stuck by avoiding how they feel. Perth counselling services assists individuals to get more in touch with themselves, by increasing their ability to cope and deal with issues.

Individual counselling services works on:

Relationship problems, depression, anxiety, anger issues, and relationship trauma and personality disorders

Unlock the real potential within, by overcoming self limiting thoughts and feelings that get in the way of life. Manage uncomfortable feelings and overcome rigid patterns that perpetuate stuckness. Individuals embark on strengthening the ‘self’s capacity to cope and function with life’, so they can activate their self and act upon their real desires.

Couples Therapy services treats couples with:

Communication breakdown, avoiding conflict, intimacy withholding, distressed couples conflict, porn addictions / affairs in marriage counselling etc.

Why see a counsellor?
Counselling in Perth

Like servicing a car so it can run smoother, counselling helps to improve the ‘self’s’ ability to function, so life can run smoother.

Just like ignoring your car when it needs to be repaired, many ignore the signs that things are not working, by ignoring themselves.

Warning signs that things are not working

  • Many resort to impulsive behaviours, as temporary relief, by avoiding feelings, to take them away from facing things.
  • Others do not stop to think about what is going on.
  • It can feel easier to go along with someone else, than find your own inner truth.
  • Individuals can have poor coping ability, low frustration tolerance or struggle to handle emotions.
  • Many stay stuck in doing what feels familiar, even if it works against themselves and their relationship.
  • Listening to what others tell them to do, and not trusting themselves.
  • Many stay stuck by avoiding what may be going on inside, because it might be hard to face or evoke uncomfortable feelings.
  • Some don’t want to encounter their real thoughts or face the reality of their situation, preferring denial over resolution.
  • Many ignore warning signs that something is not right, to avoid conflict in the marriage.
  • Instability in the self occurs when individuals cannot hold down jobs or maintain relationships, cannot be alone or need others as an instant source of need fulfilment.

The more we ignore our feelings or concerns, the more ‘out of order’ one can feel, resorting to unhealthy coping mechanisms which can worsen the situation.  Addictions, infidelity / affairs, moving on to partners quickly, running away and staying in abusive relationships are ways they cope.

Many enter therapy when these unhelpful coping behaviours end up taking control of them, becoming depressed and anxious. So they remain depleted inside, unable to fill the empty void. So they remain stuck in self-perpetuating and self-defeating behaviours, looking for the quick fix or instant pleasure to gratify the feelings of emptiness.

Many want advice to seek immediate relief from discomfort, to protect them from their feelings. However, enduring the therapeutic process can allow a deeper and richer self-fulfilment. Listening to our feelings, tells us what we need, so we can work out what to do.

’Enhance Your Self’ with Perth’s counselling services

  • Psychotherapy manages unwanted emotional states, so the individual feels more equipped to handle life, develop more adaptive coping styles, and foster a stronger sense of self.
  • Counselling becomes the building block for the ‘self’, the fuel for gaining inner strength to cope and increases the capacity for stability in self functioning.
  • Seeing a counsellor can improve all areas of one’s life, including work, relationships and love. Making sense of what is happening for us allows the self to become more cohesive and strong.

Therapy dismantles defensive patterns; to illuminate what is underneath, where the real self is located. The more we know what’s going on inside, the more we can self-activate, gain clarity and self-direction. We can act upon our real desires, gain inner strength, improve our coping ability and foster healthy relationships. When individuals are no longer held back with protecting themselves against uncomfortable emotions, they can be free to move forward and embrace their real potential in life.

Medicare Rebates Applicable with a GP referral (Mental Health Care Plan)

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